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Skin Bleaching Risk to Health of Women and Men Worldwide
As a white woman growing up in the United States, I first learned of skin bleaching through the media. A child of the 1970s, I was raised seeing images of Michael Jackson on television. But at some point in the 1980s, I had that first inkling that something was fundamentally different about the beloved star. […] Continue Reading

Fantasy Sports Addiction: Fact or Fantasy?
Many people with vivid imaginations have rich and varied fantasy lives that take them to exotic lands and other faraway places. But for others, fantasy has come to take on a much more prosaic meaning, and it is in this category that we can place the 36 million North Americans who entertain themselves each year […] Continue Reading

MLB’s New Drug Policy: Two Strikes You’re Out
A lot of players are starting to boo Major League Baseball’s three-strike rule aimed to rid the sport of performance enhancing drugs. The first violation entails sitting out 50 games, the second a 100-game suspension and anything further yields complete dismissal and a permanent ban from the game. Continue Reading

Prescription Drug Abuse in Hollywood Prescription Drug Abuse in Hollywood
Have you ever noticed that everything seems to be more exaggerated and more glamorous when it’s connected to celebrities. Unfortunately, when it comes to prescription drug abuse and addiction, the negative effects on Hollywood’s biggest and brightest are hard to gloss over. As more celebrities are making the headlines because of their use and abuse […] Continue Reading

Muscle Relaxants and Driving Impairment
Muscle relaxants are a group of medications designed to ease pain and spasming by reducing normal tone or rigidity in the body’s major voluntary muscles, also known as skeletal muscles. Two muscle relaxants in particular, called carisoprodol and meprobamate, are abused relatively frequently for their ability to produce sedation (anxiety and irritability reduction) and a […] Continue Reading

Substance Use Associated with Four Types of Fatal Accidents
The use of drugs and alcohol can impair individuals in many ways. Slow response time and a relaxation of inhibitions are two effects of alcohol and some drugs that can significantly contribute to impairment when it comes to driving a motor vehicle. Many accidents are attributable to drugs and alcohol, but it is sometimes difficult […] Continue Reading

Gene Raises Risk for Pancreatitis in Heavy Drinkers
Chronic pancreatitis is the medical term for long-term inflammation inside the pancreas, an abdominal gland that plays an indispensable role in digestion and the management of glucose levels in the bloodstream. People with this disorder have increased risks for pancreatic cancer, as well as several other serious or potentially deadly health complications. Alcohol abuse and […] Continue Reading

Think it’s Good to Hold Your Liquor? You May Want to Think Again
It’s often been a source of pride among individuals who are able to drink more than others and still maintain their wits about them. The ability to “hold one’s liquor” is often considered manly, strong and admirable. What it actually implies is that the individual has a higher risk for developing problems with alcohol later […] Continue Reading

Study Examines Prescription Drug Overdose by Neighborhoods
The increase in recreational prescription drug use has resulted in more emergency room visits and fatal overdoses. These drugs are popular with teens who can often easily obtain them in their parents’ or grandparents’ medicine cabinets.  Continue Reading

Drug Use Among Seniors on the Rise
Recent data released by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) shows drug use among seniors is on the rise. While fewer teens are using, the number of older Americans getting high has been going up for the last decade. Most of the changes come from […] Continue Reading


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Food Addiction

Study Shows Inconsistent Public Beliefs Regarding Teen Obesity

With campaigns seeking to reduce obesity rates through healthy diets and increased levels of activity, the issue has become a focus of international attention. For some teens, their busy schedules of sports, dance or other movement-based hobbies mean that keeping active is not a challenge. For others, however, the absence of regular physical education and the demands of academic life may result in more sitting and less movement. 

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Who Is at Risk for Developing Gambling Disorder?

Gambling disorder is the American Psychiatric Association’s newly created term for diagnosing compulsive gambling behaviors that damage an individual’s sense of well-being or ability to follow through on everyday personal and social responsibilities. Past researchers have identified some of the general risks for this disorder, but have not typically focused their attention on at-risk population groups. In a study published in 2013 in the International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, researchers from several Australian institutions looked at some of the factors that can turn casual gambling into an at-risk behavior for the onset of gambling disorder.

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Signs of Drug Abuse in Teens

Addiction is a disease that afflicts many in the U.S. Although we tend to think of it as a disease of adults, children are not immune. In fact, many addicts are those who first started using as children or adolescents. Among adults addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, prescription drugs or illegal drugs, most got their first taste at a very young age. Teen experimentation with drugs is not new, but the age at which a child first tries a substance has been creeping downward.

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Food Addiction

Adolescents Need to Understand Anorexia’s Side Effects

Eating disorders like anorexia are characterized by extreme low weight, generally less than 85 percent of what’s considered healthy. While the person suffering from anorexia is grappling with control issues through self-destructive methods, the destruction isn’t just in appearance – there are many negative side effects that occur after keeping weight to dangerously low levels for too long.

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