Teenagers Losing Important Sleep Patterns Due to Excessive Technology Use

Posted under Teens on January 10, 2012
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According to a recent report from New Delhi, many teenagers are spending such excessive amounts of time involved with some form of technology that they are developing resulting health problems. Devices such as cell phones, computers and video games are causing teenagers to lose healthy sleep patterns resulting in depression and obesity, highlighted a recent news article.

Children are spending more than eight hours daily playing with these types of gadgets or they are watching TV because both parents are typically working. Over 2,500 children were surveyed in 10 major Indian cities such as Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai. The majority of children interviewed said they got less than 8 hours of sleep and were aged 10 to 18 years old. Researchers found that because the children lacked supervision by their parents, they tended to become technology-addicted in their free time.

New technologies that provide these types of social networking sites are keeping children engaged with their friends 24/7. Single-parent households were better off in terms of healthier technology habits. Households where both parents worked certainly had the disadvantage because the lack of supervision led to increased addictions with technological gadgets. The trend was highest in the metropolitan cities where both parents worked outside the home. With smart phones offering all the social networking sites available, the teenagers are excessively using them to constantly engage in conversations and chats with their friends making them more fatigued and restless.

This is a growing and disturbing trend among our teenagers and parents need to be more aware of how much time their children are using such devices and find a way to monitor it for the sake of their health.