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Caffeine Abuse and Addiction From a Clinical Perspective

Link Found Between Flies, Humans and Impulsive EatingCaffeine is everywhere: in your morning beverage, your lunchtime soda, your 3 p.m. chocolate, and the pain reliever for your headache. Caffeine can be difficult to avoid, and easy to overdo: legal, inexpensive, and ubiquitous, it is no wonder abuse and addiction exist. In North America, it is estimated that 90 percent adults consume some form of caffeine daily. But other than jokes on Facebook, not much is said about bona fide caffeine abuse or addiction. Continue Reading

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Link Found Between Flies, Humans and Impulsive Eating

Link Found Between Flies, Humans and Impulsive EatingWhen an appetizing odor is introduced, humans are driven to eat impulsively, even when they’re full. The same behavior is evident in animals, as any family with a pet can attest. The drive to eat, even when full, is a factor in the development of certain eating disorders, including binge-eating and bulimia nervosa. Continue Reading

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California To Prosecute First Case For Bath Salts Sales

California To Prosecute First Case For Bath Salts SalesBath salts aren’t the harmless substances that head shops would like the general public to believe. Numerous news reports of overdoses due to bath salts abuse have sounded the alarm and people are beginning to get wise to the dangers posed by them. Continue Reading

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Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

Alcohol Abuse and AlcoholismThe terms alcohol abuse, alcohol dependence, and alcoholism are often used to describe anyone who has a drinking problem. Clinically speaking, however, there are some important differences. These differences play out in the lives of those struggling with drink and the people around them. Abuse may not be as bad as dependence, but it is one step on the path to a very serious problem. By understanding these conditions, you can learn to recognize early signs of addiction in yourself or in someone you love and get help before it is too late. Continue Reading

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The Influence of Media on Eating Disorders in Males

The Influence of Media on Eating Disorders in Males Some people may be surprised that, in a community-based study, one in three cases of anorexia and one in four cases of bulimia is suffered by a male. Isn’t it usually women who develop eating disorders? Health experts like Dr. Blake Woodside, director of the program for eating disorders at Toronto General Hospital, hope to squash this stigma and acknowledge that men are suffering from eating disorders, too, yet are less likely to come forward for treatment. Continue Reading

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Compulsive Shoppers Give New Meaning to Deficit Spending

Compulsive Shoppers Give New Meaning to Deficit SpendingCompulsive shoppers feel empty on the inside and try to fill that void with new shoes, new furniture, new clothes, and new sports equipment – just about anything that will give them momentary relief from their aching inner vacuum. Continue Reading

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Smartphone Addiction Could be the Wedge that Divides Relationships

smartphone_addictionAny number of things in this life can conspire to ruin a relationship. But researchers are finding a new foe- mobile phones. Continue Reading

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Strange Addictions

If you watch any reality TV, you know that addiction is the subject of many shows. There are programs about celebrities trying to get clean, families intervening for the sake of their loved ones, and more recently, shows about unusual addictions like eating toilet paper and growing long fingernails. Continue Reading

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Eight of the Most Addictive Drugs

Drug addiction is a growing problem. However, it may surprise you to learn that not all of the most addictive drugs in the world are illegal substances. Following you will find a list of eight of the most addictive drugs available today – some legal, some illegal. Continue Reading

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Addicted to the Media

We live in a media-driven society. Smartphones and other hand-held gadgets are constantly connected to us. Almost every room in many homes has a television mounted on a wall or sitting on a counter or dresser-top. Few people can go any real length of time without turning either one on. We have become addicted to the barrage of images, sounds, and information that is constantly available. Continue Reading